Contractors and COVID-19

The current pandemic has effected nearly everyone in the world in one way or another. There are people working from home, not working at all, or are on the front lines keeping the virus in check. During these uncertain times, household projects are mostly put on hold. But what happens if a home repair is unavoidable? Obviously your health and the health of your family comes first and foremost. As a contractor or homeowner, we should all take the current situation very seriously.

With most people home, you are probably pushing that old microwave or toaster a little harder than usual. Or you are packing that fridge and freezer with meat and chicken for those homemade meals since most restaurants are only offering curbside or delivery. But what happens if the compressor on the fridge goes? Or the outlet behind the microwave burns out? Now you need to get a new appliance delivered or have a contractor in your home to make necessary repairs. What are some of the things you want to see as a consumer to feel more comfortable with someone from the outside coming in your home? Contractors feel the same way. How is this person going to ensure my health won’t be in jeopardy?

Set your expectations as a consumer

It goes without saying, people feel more comfortable with the current situation when the person they come into contact with is wearing a mask. Make sure you make that perfectly clear before you allow someone in your home that you require them to wear a mask. Discuss all payments and transactions prior to your appointment this way it limits the amount of face to face time. Most contractors accept most types of cashless payments to avoid the exchange of cash and/or receipts. There is no conversation that would need to happen from less than 6 feet away, so maintain social distance! Do not hesitate to cancel or postpone an appointment if you are not feeling well.

Know that the contractor or delivery person feels the same way

A good contractor cleans up after himself. A health conscious contractor in the age of COVID-19 should be prepared to sanitize surfaces he touched or placed tools on. They should be going above and beyond to ensure his own health is not at risk, and should make sure he doesn’t put yours at risk either. We as contractors would try to limit as much face to face time as possible too, and will be diligent about maintaining social distancing at all times. We also wouldn’t hesitate to cancel or postpone appointments if we are not feeling well.

Prioritize projects

As the economy starts to open back up and most non essential contractors are able to go back to work, you should still be smart about what projects are necessary and ones that are not. Maybe that new bathroom you’ve always wanted is on the back burner, and should stay there until more of the dust settles. But you can’t stand the fact that your skylight leaks every time it drizzles, so maybe it would be a good time to get that fixed. The less people you have in and around your house the better.

Obviously every person has a different take on what is a priority and what is not. From a contractors standpoint, we would never dream of turning down business. But a smart one may not risk their health or the health of others for a very small project that could probably wait. So if it is a contractor you know or feel comfortable with, don’t be discouraged if they ask to hold off.

Be smart and stay healthy

Every body has a different approach or different perception on how to handle COVID-19. Both consumers and contractors need to be smart, patient and understanding of others and that everyone is dealing with this in their own way. We all want to keep working, or go back to work all together. But at the end of the day, we all want to ensure our safety and our health is at the forefront of everything we do and everything we want done.

From all of us at Gotham Tile, be smart and stay healthy!

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