The Attention to Detail

The moment has finally come. You walk into the room to take your first look at your newly completed project. Wow. It is the only word that comes to mind. Wow. It is such a new and refreshing look, a change from the mundane. The long hours of decision making, the savings, the designing, the search for the right contractor, the dust, dirt, sounds of power tools. The moment you waited for. Wow. Everything finally came together and it is the small attention to detail that really makes the whole project stand out.

Depending on what project is now completed, there are a few small details that if they are left out, can really make everything seem unfinished. Especially when it comes to tile. All of the little finishing pieces, the grout and the polishing of tile. Let’s take a look into what we need to do to achieve that wow factor.

Finishing your tile edge

This is a huge, and sometimes forgotten step. Too many times as we go through the planning and design stage, clients are unaware of how we need to finish an edge, or a niche, a transition between two different surfaces. There are so many different endings to a wall tile for a bathroom shower or a back splash. You can decide to end it with an edge trim piece such as this. Or you may choose a pencil piece or chair rail or bull nose design piece that is part of your tile design line. Most ceramic tile or porcelain tile have an unfinished edge. This means you will see the clay base on the edge if we do not finish the edge with one of the options previously mentioned. This is especially important on highly visible edges such as a shower stall or a back splash.

When you decide to tile a floor, generally as we transition to a new surface such as hardwood or carpeting, we need some sort of transition like a saddle. You may opt to use a traditional transition piece but we recommend a tile piece if you are transitioning in or out of a tile surface. This gives a little more of that wow factor rather an a metal or wood one.

Wood needs finishing too

When you decide to change out your wood trim in the house, you can really miss out on that wow if you don’t finish it properly. Filling brad nail holes with a wood filler or caulk will really go a long way to a finished look. Wipe it clean before it dries, and give the trim a fresh coat of paint. Most contractors will caulk the tops and miters prior to paint as well to give a seamless appearance. If you are DIY, measure twice and cut once on those miters! Another tip: less is more with caulking those edges. Wet your finger and a towel and run it along the bead of caulk to drive it in the gap and keep it clean.

Finish your painting like the pros

I find that most people think that painting is the easiest part of a project. This is one of the most critical parts to getting that wow. Paint drips and can dry that way, giving your wall an untidy look. If you don’t cut the corners tight or use painters tape right, you can bleed two colors together, again giving it an untidy look. Don’t be shy to look at walls in your neighbors house, or a family member or friends house. Pay attention to where the wall color paint meets the ceiling, or an accent wall. I will guarantee in at least one scenario you can point out where it looks uneven. Or maybe even in your own house. Professional painters have certain techniques to achieving a very even cut line as they paint, even without the use of painters tape. As you DIY, don’t be afraid to use the tape to ensure you achieve that perfect, tight straight line that gives you that wow. Or don’t be ashamed to check out YouTube to watch a painting tutorial for some tips and techniques. It’s not as easy as wetting a brush and a roller and making your walls a different color.


I hope as we hit some key points in here, and gave you a few helpful tips, I hope at least you thought at least once, “wow I know that, or I didn’t think of that”. That exact thought will help you get that wow when your project is complete. You can now set a higher expectation as well when you walk through your project with your contractor when it is complete. Point out the little attention to detail that you hoped to achieve or did achieve with your new look.

For all you DIYers, good luck and be safe!

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