Getting Your Floor Level

A lot of customers ask us how we get the most un-level floors to be completely flat and level. There are a couple of tools, materials and tricks that help us achieve a nice level floor, even in the toughest situations. Here we will give some of those secrets away for you DIYers, and for you other folks out there just looking for an education, give the professionals at Gotham Tile a call!

I am sure you have heard the phrase “you can fix anything with the right tools.” There are a couple of tools you may need or already have to see if your floor is level. A beam level is the most handy and most common, a laser level, or even a handy ball you have lying around the house can easy show you how your floor may be pitching or sloping. Run the level or the laser along parts of the floor that you suspect are sloping. Once you determine how much it slopes, we can start leveling it off.

Where you are in the house will determine the best method to fixing the slope. If you are in a basement or on a slab, we recommend you use a self leveler. We like to use Henry 555 Self-Leveling Underlayment. Check the manufacturer specifications before any installation. You can use a self-leveler above grade (a first floor or second floor) as long as you seal off any openings that will cause the leveler to fall into such as a joint or a seam. This is the most effective way to ensure any low point will be leveled off with the rest of the floor.

Once you have a level floor, it is time to start tiling. We recommend using RIDGID’s LevelMax Anti-Lippage and Spacing System to keep your tiles nice and level from one tile to the next. You need to buy the Stem System separately depending on your tile layout. As you apply your thin set, go back to your beam level if needed to make sure you maintain a nice level install.

These methods are our sure fire way to ensure a nice, flat and level floor by the time we are done. Please feel free to reach out to us for any guidance if you are a DIYer. We are happy to help! Good luck and be safe!

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